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13 Artists Poised to Break Out Big in 2023, According to Naomi Beckwith, Marilyn Minter, and Other Art-World Insiders

Preview the art stars of tomorrow here.

The Back Room – Recession Ready: Top of the Market: Clouds on the Horizon

How to know when the art market is headed for a recession.


‘Like Getting a 20 Percent Discount’: For U.S. Collectors at European Art Fairs, the Strong Dollar Means Everything Is on Sale

Stateside art-world players are celebrating, but others are feeling the pinch.

Association of Professional Art Advisors
APAA + Independent 20th Century Highlights

On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, APAA hosted Elizabeth Dee, the co-founder of Independent 20th Century to share a preview and highlights of the fair.

Ten Works Over $50k on Frieze Viewing Room

From a bejeweled metal sculpture by Kathleen Ryan to a major installation by Mona Hatoum, the APAA share their top picks from the Frieze New York 2022 edition

What’s the Rush? Art Industry Pros are Ambivalent About Returning to the Art Fair Traveling Circus This Fall

Collectors and advisors are largely avoiding international travel, even as art fairs return in force.

Art Shipping in the Age of COVID Is More Expensive and Complicated Than Ever—and a Return to ‘Normal’ Remains Very Far Away

Advisors and art dealers are facing new logistical challenges as shippers urge patience.

Bidders at the Big Three Auction Houses are Overwhelmingly Male. Why? Women May Have a Different Sense of Art’s Value.

Interviews with those in the trade suggest that women collectors are more interested in creating value than adding trophies.

25 Works Under £25,000

From Song Dynasty Porcelain to a new painting by Ugo Rondinone, advisors from APAA pick their highlight works from Frieze London Viewing Room.

25 Works Under 25K

The Association of Professional Art Advisors selects exceptional works available to collect, for under $25,000, from Frieze New York Viewing Room. 

‘The Vultures are Circling’: The Market for Young Artists is White Hot Again – But Can They Get Out Alive?

Buyers jostled for the chance to acquire work by up-and-coming stars at Art Basel Miami Beach. Here’s the problem.

See You at the Fair? Nope! Why the Art World Is Embracing ‘JOMO’—the Joy of Missing Out—in a Big Way

From art fairs to auctions to gallery shows, the dramatic upscaling of the art world has begun fostering joy in those people who opt out.

‘It Does Feel a Touch Safe’:
Frieze New York Has Plenty of Pleasures and Solid Sales, but Risky Works are Hand to Find

On the whole, dealers have brought art that offers a respite from our turbulent world.

Are We at ‘Peak Art Fair’?
Collectors and Advisors Say They’re Hitting Their Saturation Point – and Something’s Got to Give 

…In the competitive contemporary art world, everyone is always on the lookout for the next big thing. We invited a selection of leading art advisors to name an artist (or two) who they anticipate will have a breakout year in 2019.

8 Art Advisors Tell Us Which Artists You Should Be Watching (and Buying) in 2019

…In the competitive contemporary art world, everyone is always on the lookout for the next big thing. We invited a selection of leading art advisors to name an artist (or two) who they anticipate will have a breakout year in 2019.

New York Collectors Came Out in Force for the ADAA’s 30th Annual Art Show –
But Out-of-Towners Were Scarce 

…”The out-of-towners are waiting until the Armory next week…but we look at enough work by specific artists throughout the year that many clients are comfortable buying via jpeg.”

Artwork Archive
The Essential Guide to Collecting Art:
How to Purchase, Protect and Preserve Your Collection 

…”Visit as many galleries, art fairs and museums in your local area as possible. This can help to get a feel for the market and to identify which art movements or styles appeal to you most.”

Photo District
How Art Advisors Work with Artists 

…Art advisors work with private collectors and corporations to build collections that are both financially and esthetically valuable, helping to provide opportunities to artists at all stages of their careers.

For July 4th,
10 Photos of Art-World Summer Fun 

…We checked in with some of out favorite Instagrammers to see what they’re up to as we head into Independence Day.

The Art Newspaper
Breach of Trust?
Artists try to block sales of work given as gifts

…”There needs to be a good reason to give up such a personal offering in such a public forum,” says the art adviser Liz Parks.

The Financial Times
Rise of the cyber-saleroom

…”Online auctions get talked about a lot, but few…are putting their money where the collective mouthpiece is.”

The Art Newspaper
Writing is definitely not on the wall for drawings 

…When purchasing a conceptual wall drawing, “we pay for the manifestation of the concept,” says the art advisor Liz Parks.

How Collectors Use Instagram to Buy Art 

…As art advisor Liz Parks notes, “It is one tiny prong in the fork of information-gathering prior to making an acquisition” and provides “a mental coffee break to keep up with what is going on in the art world.”

My Highlights from ADAA: The Art Show 2015 

…”If I had to play international art fair favorites, The Art Show would definitely be high on my dance card.  In addition to being of easily digestible size, it also possesses a penchant for strong editing: there is no middle of the road here, only top tier works of art.”

The Art Newspaper
Performance art: do you buy it? 

…“I feel as if the ‘value’ of performance art is in the ‘you had to be there’ factor,” says the art adviser Liz Parks. “The documentation of a performance presents a somewhat diffused version of the original, in-the-moment electricity.”

The Art Newspaper
Satellite fairs flock to Frieze New York 

…“The volume [of satellite fairs] reflects the aspirational belief that New York is still the center of the art world, day-to-day costs be damned.”

Second Acts: Why “Rediscovered Artists” Are the Art Market’s New Darlings 

…According to Parks, recently there has been a sense, conscious or unconscious, of not wanting to participate in the mania over very young and untested artists. “I think collectors want to see the proof in the pudding first.”

American Lifestyle Magazine
Breezy and Bright 

…The art collection was key in both spaces and really set each home apart from being just another great beach house.

Princeton Club
Buying Art Online: How to Identify & Use Leading Internet Sites with Confidence 

…Worldwide, the art market is an $80 billion industry. Major auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s recently increased their online presence, and internet bidders are competing for top works of art at high-profile sales.

Meetup Arts Culture and Technology
Selling Art Online: Is It Working? 

…exactly who is buying art online now, how these businesses are adapting to stay competitive, and what needs to happen before the practice of buying art online becomes more widespread.

Given a Minuscule Ledge 

…an exhibition of paintings, drawings and photographs by New York based artists Inka Essenhigh, Natalie Frank, Anna Gaskell, Kysa Johnson, David X. Levine, Kristine Moran, Peter Opheim, William Powhida, Nicolas Rule, and Shinique Smith.

VIP Art Director Liz Parks Leaves the Company to Return to Art Advising 

“There have been a number of interesting opportunities that have arisen over the past year and I just couldn’t continue to pass them up.”

Morgan Lehman Gallery
We Between the Lines 

…Drawing oupon Conceptual Art’s theory that a work of art is not fully created until the analysis of the work supersedes the object itself, We Between the Lines examines text as a work’s primary “subject.”

Brick Underground
10 Minutes with Liz Parks, Art Advisor 

…An advisor uses his/her art historical knowledge and contacts within the field to locate and offer top works of art to their clients, negotiate sales on a client’s behalf, and do all of the requisite grunt work that comes along with placing a work of art in a collection.

The Wassaic Project

… The visual menagerie created by these works, as well as the others included in the exhibition, acts as a mirror to the society in which we currently live.

The New York Times
Elevator for Grain, Reinvented for Art 

…This summer’s first exhibition in the elevator, “Outside In,” was organized by Sally Zunino, Liz Parks, and Sally Morgan.

The Wassaic Project
Outside In 

… “Outside-In” explores the inherent tension between nature in its pure, undisturbed state, and the constraints or manipulations put upon it by humans.

Scallywag and Vagabond
Liz Parks- Your personal Art Advocate 

…Hailing from a distinguished background as once a director of operations at the eponymous Leo Castelli Art Gallery and art sales media for ‘Art Net,’ Ms. Parks is suddenly at the behest of clientele that came chasing after her and has become lauded as the one of the must go to set when it comes to acquiring art.