As my company enters its fourteenth year, I'm excited to announce a new look and a new name: Parks Art Advisory. Since founding my business in 2008, the field of art advisory has grown exponentially, and it feels like the right time to acknowledge this fact with a demonstrative and direct business name. 

With this new name comes a fresh and exciting graphic identity, designed by WKSHPS (@wkshps). 

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing more from Parks Art Advisory over Instagram very soon.

Walk, run, bike…whatever it takes to get thee to Madison Square Park to see the incredibly thoughtful “Landscape and Memory” installation by Cristina Iglesias. As a huge fan of looking downward in this city - tho in my case mainly to spot the beauty in the centuries-old sidewalks strewn with day-old trash in temporary abstractions - this “ground-forward” sculptural installation really spoke to me. From the press release: “Landscape and Memory will place five bronze sculptural pools, gently flowing with water arriving in different sequences, into the park’s Oval Lawn, harkening back to when the Cedar Creek - now buried underground - coursed across the land where the park stands today.’ #cristinaiglesias ...

Congratulations to Stan Douglas on his representation of Canada in the 2022 Venice Biennale, opening this week. @labiennale

Stan Douglas, The Second Hotel Vancouver, 2014. Digital chromogenic print mounted on dibond.

Placed by Parks Fine Art

#standouglas #labiennale #artadvisory